Trees Losing Leaves in Spring? Here’s Why

By Nancy Penrose

When spring rolls around we expect our trees to bloom with leaves, not lose them. So, what do we do if we notice our trees are shedding or losing leaves during this time of the year? Below, we will cover the two most common reasons leaves drop in spring.

  1. Some trees may hold onto some of their leaves during the winter, making it perfectly normal for their leaves to drop in the spring. Some tree species shed some of their leaves in the spring rather than the fall.
  2. If your tree doesn’t naturally lose leaves in spring, but is losing them this year, it may have an infection. A good way to tell if your tree may be infected is to look at the leaves on the ground to see if they’re curled up and brown rather than smooth and green.

Trees that naturally lose their leaves in spring:
If your tree is shedding leaves in spring and they are green and healthy looking, then everything is probably fine. Here are some of the most common types of trees that shed leaves in spring:

  • Live oak
  • Holly
  • Hackberry
  • Hickory

How do I know for sure if my tree is healthy?
As mentioned above, you can generally tell if your tree is healthy or not by the way the leaves appear. However, if you want to be safe, having a tree preservation professional inspect your tree is your best bet. We offer inspections and provide treatments for trees. Just contact us at (360) 563-2700.

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