Get Some Winter Color by Planting These Trees

By Nancy Penrose

As the days start to get shorter, the skies start to get gray, and the landscape looks bare and brown, you’ll find yourself wishing there was some color other than the holiday lights and decorations. Luckily, there are many types of trees that have colorful blooms, fruit and bark during the winter.

Winter Trees with Colorful Bark

Trees that have colorful bark are a great way to add some color during winter. Some examples are:

Coral Bark Maple trees have bright coral red branches and twigs during the winter, with the younger branches being the most red.
Redtwig Dogwood turns bright red in colder months.
Japanese Red Maple has red bark with vibrant leaves that range from dark reed to bright orange.

Winter Trees with Fruit

Yup! There are some trees that bear fruit in the cold months! They are:

Holly Bush, which has red or gold berries.
Snowdrift Crabapple produces deep orange fruit.
Winterberry Holly gives bright red berries.

Flowers that Thrive in Winter

There are also several flowers that provide color and bloom during the winter, including:

Camellias, a waxy flower that has shades of pink, red and coral.
Snowdrops are white and beautiful! Make sure to plant these in the Fall.
Hellebores bloom from late November through the winter and provide a variety of colors and shades.

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